where the birds go for holiday
Bird Watching

Bird-watching provides ample opportunities to observe magnificent flying creatures that share this beautiful world with us. Locate a bird, watch it and identify its species, shape, size, colour etc. Years of observation helps you identify a particular kind and name of a bird. Today, the number of birders visiting India is increasing day by day. Indeed, it is a matter of sheer wonder that a small place like Kerala majestically comprises of diverse geographical features and a rich culture..

The wild life and birds’ habitat at Thattekad simply command attention. Here, Baby Mathew’s intense concern for the preservation of natural surroundings has created a haven for birds to nestle in the Birds’ Lagoon. The fruit trees are planted after studying the particular tastes and preferences of the different varieties of migrant birds and the local birds so that they feel absolutely at home at Soma Birds Lagoon. A holiday at Soma Birds Lagoon grants bird-watching on a grand scale at Salim Ali Birds Sanctuary. Visiting and resident bird-watchers enjoy an experience of a life-time. The natural surroundings of the many bird-watching spots in Soma Birds Lagoon seem untouched in their virgin wealth of green vegetation. The magnificent hills and valleys make excellent vantage points for photography. Bird watchers are free to explore the surrounding hills and valleys on foot. They lose the track of time as day after day they become more and more familiar with how, when and where to find a particular bird. The distribution and status of the birds that meet at Thattekad are revealed in the list compiled. The passionate trips along the vernal woods of God’s Own Country provide fantastic experience with nature.