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Cycling is a familiar branch in the field of tourism and cycling tourism gives much convenience for sight seeing and ofcourse with freedom. There are so many places, without road facilities to other vehicles. Cycling solves such problem of travel through narrow roads. This mode of travel by cycle let you direct contact with nature. Cycling way is fast, safe and fun. Cycling is a better way to learn about different places and the culture around. Besides, cycling is a fun activity and everyone can take advantage from it.   More...>>


Village Walk

As you know, the world is in modernity and we're losing all purity and essence of goodness. The unique living style with a spontaneous exposure has to mention and it's only with villages. Once the father of our nation "Mahatma Gandhi" said, villages are the place where the soul of India lies. So, we have to consider villages with much priority. The culture of villages are different form townships. The innocence and purity of villagers are something different. They speak local language, wear very ordinary, their culture is different and perhaps village is a heaven of inborn. They have no masks.  More...>>


Organic Farm

Soma Birdslagoon's Organic agriculture is a holistic production management system which promotes and enhances agro-ecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. Birdslagoon's Organic agriculture is gaining importance in the agriculture sectors of many countries, irrespective of their stage of development. Most studies have found that organic agriculture requires significantly greater labour input than conventional farms.  More...>>


Organic Restaurant

Restaurant Drongo is an Organic restaurant offering exclusive farm products for the table menu. Most of the ingredients are freshly collected from the organic garden of the resort. Local farmhouse and suppliers within the radius of 60 miles delivering fresh more fresh products as well. Local dishes made from locally grown/procured ingredients are served in the resort. Drongo also offers seasonal fruits and other tropical delicacies in the menu. More...>>



Soma Bird Lagoon would have the facility for Hiking / trekking. It's an easier process for those who're interested for hiking / trekking would get the needs. It has everything for hiking / trekking and Soma Bird Lagoon is dedicated for all service. There are enough terrains and hilly areas suitable for hiking/trekking in the arena of soma bird lagoon. We can assure all aspirants that thy would have an experience of very particular with some adventure, and hiking / trekking are offered them with all essentials.  


Local Sightseeing

Nature is the most valued creation of god. The beauty and enchant of nature gives much pleasure beyond words. Here in Soma Bird Lagoon opens all possibilities for local sightseeing. While you travel on local area, you'll find the difference of experiences like the innocent love and expressions of local tribal and to view their festivities. The vision of birds, animals are wonderful. The lush greenery around and the calm, serene are inspiring for all local viewers. Local sightseeing would be an experience of lovely, there are lakes, butterflies, bloomed flowers on trees etc. are really enchanting.  More...>>


Bird Watching

Bird-watching provides ample opportunities to observe magnificent flying creatures that share this beautiful world with us. Locate a bird, watch it and identify its species, shape, size, colour etc. Years of observation helps you identify a particular kind and name of a bird. Today, the number of birders visiting India is increasing day by day. Indeed, it is a matter of sheer wonder that a small place like Kerala majestically comprises of diverse geographical features and a rich culture..  More...>>