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Kodanad Elephant Camp

Kerala is famous for its huge and elegant tuskers. The people of Kerala consider them as auspicious and they adore the famous tuskers of Kerala. Fully decked tuskers from Kodanad elephant sanctuary constitute one of the main attractions of the festivals of Kerala. These gentle mammals are given the privilege of carrying the idols of the temples. Guruvayoor Kesavan was the most famous among tuskers. When he died he was honoured with a State Funeral. Rich aristocratic families own these elephants and treat them as their own family members. The elephants are trained in the Kodanad Elephant camp. There you can enjoy an elephant ride and the place is ideal for exciting photography as well.

Kodanad is a beautiful rural riverside village and a popular tourist destination of Kerala. It is the elephant rescue and care shelter for Kerala's central and southern forest region. Kodanad is one of the largest elephant capturing centres in South India.